100% Pure New Zealand

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The following videos are all 100% Pure New Zealand Advertisements.

100% New Zealand Tourist Board video

This is a beautiful video of incomparable New Zealand. Active volcanoes, quiet resorts and raw nature, New Zealand, consists of the North and South Islands. New Zealand is a peaceful country where the people are friendly and where over one quarter is protected wilderness, it is no wonder New Zealand never fails to impress.

This commercial was a big hit as was the music. You can really see the diversity of this beautiful country in this video. New Zealand is 994 miles long and 280 miles wide, approximately the same size as the UK. It is a land of diverse scenery and landscapes.

Legend says that New Zealand was hauled from the ocean like a giant fish and was the very last country to be discovered, making New Zealand the youngest country on earth.

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  1. Question…

    I’ve been interested in New Zealand for some time now… but I haven’t been able to find the sources of information on the internet which will help me get a more complete picture of your society. What sources of information form the backbone of how people in New Zealand look at their country and at the world? In the usa, for instance, CNN cable news, and the Associated Press are the two major central influences, it seems to me. In Canada, it’s the “Globe and Mail” newspaper, the “National Post” newspaper, and CTV (canadian television network).

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