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New Zealand uses another type of Electrical plugs compared to other parts of the world. New Zealand power outlets take electrical plugs with three flat pins, one of which is an earth pin. Some power plugs don’t have the earth pin but they still fit into the power outlets. Electricity in New Zealand is supplied at a minimal voltage of 230-240 volts and 50 hertz.

The pins on New Zealand power plugs look something like this:

New Zealand electrical plug

New Zealand electrical plug

The image below of the power outlet shows the top switch is ‘Off’ and the bottom is ‘On’. Notice how the switch is down which means it is ‘On’.  In US this is the opposite. Note that not all New Zealand power outlet switches have a red mark on them. The red mark indicates the power is on. The outlets have switches on them so you can leave the piece of equipment plugged in but switch off the surge of electricity.

New Zealand electrical plug socket

New Zealand electrical plug socket

New Zealand power plug adapters
If you are planning to come to New Zealand and you intend on bringing your own appliances such as a shaver or hairdryer, it is advised you purchase a Universal 3 flat pin power plug adapter prior to coming. If you do decide to purchase one then make sure to select one that has the earth pin. New Zealand power plug adapters look something like this:

New Zealand travel power plug adapter

New Zealand travel power plug adapter

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  1. Hey, im travelling to myanmar and phillipines in just over a week and am looking for plug adapters so i can use my nz appliances over there. Can you please help?


  2. I bought a warmer from Pennsylvania and just wondering what adapter do I need to buy to use in nz

  3. Where can I purchase these plugs in Auckland ???And how much do they cost??? Thanks

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