New Zealand in Top 10 Travel Destinations

Did you know New Zealand was listed as one of the top 10 travel destinations? It was discovered by a recent worldwide poll of 32,000 travellers. Lonely Planet, a well-known travel guide has graded New Zealand as one of the top ten travel destinations in the world at number 2 with the title “favourite destination”. It follows Australia and is in the lead of Great Britain, Thailand, Greece, Italy and the United States.

New Zealand is becoming increasingly more and more recognized and the news is spreading from people who have visited the country and therefore are wanting to share their experience with others. So how are they doing this? One of the reasons why New Zealand has become a popular and favourite destination spot is simply because we are listening to what those people who have been to New Zealand have to say. There are heaps of New Zealand travel blogs on the web, travel news and even travel forums are all places where people are going to to interact with others and find the information they need.

The study also showed that Wellington in the southern hemisphere is listed as one of the world?s top 10 Cities on the Rise and gaining in reputation.

Popular destination spots in New Zealand were found to be Rainbow Warrior at the Bay of Islands – one of the top ten diving experiences in the world, whilst walking the Milford Track – one of the finest walks in the world, and one of New Zealand?s most popular walks.

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