The Landscape

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It’s beautiful, it’s far away and it’s unlike any place you’ve visted. New Zealand is one of the ultimate travel destinations in the Southern Hemisphere, with something for just about anyone. There is an unlimited selection of quality tourist attractions and activities for a fun filled vacation while in New Zealand. New Zealand comprises of 3 main islands and these are the North Island, South Island and Stewart Island together with several other small surrounding islands. New Zealands land is vibrant and rich with glaciers, rivers, lakes, snow capped mountains, beautiful coastal harbours and sandy beaches – you name it New Zealand has it all. New Zealand can experience those earth quakes quite frequently too as it lies between the Pacific and Indo-Australian tectonic plates. Not only earthquakes but volcanoes are also common in New Zealand and for this reason is famous for it’s thermal features such as geysers, mineral springs, mud pools, blowholes etc. A popular tourist spot to see all of these is Rotorua and Taupo in the South of the North Island.

The Soth Island is muh more mountainous than the North too and this is where you can find the country’s highest mountain, Mount Cook. The country’s longest river is called Waikato which strectches all the way from Lake Taupo to the Tasman Sea.

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