About the North and South Island

New Zealand is split into two Islands basically, the North and the South and many very small islands in the south-western Pacific Ocean. Almost everyone coming to New Zealand for vacation will be wondering and asking themselves what is there to see in both islands and is it worth touring both. Well below we have provided some information to help you make that decision.

The North Island

There are almost over four million people that live in New Zealand, nearly three million of them live on the North Island and it is here that you would find two of the largest cities; the capital Wellington, and the commercial city, Auckland. The population of Auckland is almost one million alone and is known to have some of the largest international firms in the country. Opportunity for employment is high in this metropolitan area. While Auckland suffers from crime, it is much less compared to other cities of the world.
Auckland is a beautiful city, well known for its stunning sky city, the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere and two large harbours that overlooks some of the most beautiful bays. Waitemata Harbour in the East is dominated by the perfect cone of the offshore volcano Rangitoto, visible from the many sandy beaches on this side of the city.
If you’re looking for a city lifestyle surrounded by beautiful scenery, look no further. The North Island is also a lot warmer compared to the South and this in because of it?s location where the sunshine is more established in the North than the South.
The North Island has some amazing places recommended for those travellers wanting to explore and travel places. Many of the locations are not even that far from the city. Recommended places worth exploring are the Bay of Islands, Waitomo Caves, Rotorua and Coromandel all of which are within 4 hours driving time from Auckland city. The scenery along these route are amazing too. Another must see is Cape Reinga which is approximately 3 hours drive by car from Bay of Islands. Cape Reinga is the Northern end point of New Zealand and I would recommend everyone go and see this most stunning point of New Zealand as it sure to blow you away.

The South Island

Wondering where all the snowy mountains are? The South Island is the crown jewel of New Zealand and has the most ecstatic sceneries. Breathe in the fresh air, take in the blue skies, sun and snow, mountains, lakes, bush and birds – once you come to the Southern Lakes region you’ll never want to leave!
In terms of population the South Island is far less than the North Island, but it has much more of the spectacular scenery which makes New Zealand such a great place to live or visit. The main feature of South Island geography is a mountain range called the Southern Alps, which stretch virtually along the entire western side of the island.
South Island is another popular location for tourists who are fans of Lord of the Rings: The return of the king premiere which was filmed in Wellington. The successful triology has boosted New Zealands economy.
With regards to economic activity, the South Island’s main cities are ChristChurch, Dunedin, Nelon, and Invercargill. Both Invercargill and Dunedin are University cities currently in the middle of a small economic boon.
The best of the South Island really depends on what you like to do. Actually you are spoilt for choice. You could spend some days exploring four National Parks including the famous Abel Tasmadn National Park and the Southwest New Zealand World Heritage Area. Hike the world famous Routeburn Track, cruise & sea kayak overnight on Milford Sound, swim with dolphins and much more..
With regards to activities, there’s simply too much to mention. Bungee jumping, snowboarding, surfing. cave tubing, kayaking, etc. While many of these are also available on the North Island, the scenery around you is simply unmatched.
Of course you could see all of New Zealand and do the lot – adventure.. kayaking, diving, snorkelling, mountain biking, and hiking from the Far North of NZ, all the way to the Adventure Capital of the World, Queenstown ? what?s stopping you

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