Backpackers Accommodation guide

Travelling to New Zealand is a always a good experience with its green lands, blue seas, snow capped mountains, pristine lakes and singing birds. Not all people travelling to New Zealand can affort travelling with the best airlines, staying in top resorts or hiring expensive rental cars. Many people come to New Zealand with a budget. You can have a great travel experience even if you cant affort the best. This guide tells you how to have a great holiday and enjoy new zealand with not worrying too much about the money while trying to stretch your budget, so you can spend wisely.

New Zealand has Backpackers Accomodation, Budget hostels and lodges spread all over the country. There would be atleast a few in any town you visit and bigger cities would have a lot more. Auckland alone has about 50+ Backpackers accomodation and hostels.
The best place to get information about backpackers accomodation is visitng an information centre. Every town in New Zealand had an information centre that give visitors all the information about Accomodation, Attractions, Travel and other activities. Backpackers Hostels usually have dormitory rooms each with 8 to 4 beds to be shared and the price might vary from $16 to $25. Theses accomodations have shared facilities inclusing shared kitchen and living room and shared bathroom. Dont expect room service, bellhops or vallet parking instead try to make friends with the fellow backpackers, get to know them, share storied and tips on things to do and places to visit.

Dont be persuaded to pre-book your activities, tours, etc. befor hand. Try to book and pay locally. It can be expensive or even impossible to get a refund, talking to the locals and visiting the information centre will give you all the details require to plan your holiday and activity in an economical way.

Renting a car can be an expensive affair, however the best way to tour New Zealand is in through a car. New Zealand bus and transport service is not very developed and the routes are not well connected. Trying to contact few Car Rental companies to get the best deal. Usually the Tourist Trend is to Hire a car from a north city and take it south and leave there. So plan your trip accordingly as the car rental companies might give you a good discount of you take their car to one of their north branches. If you are travelling for a long period the car hire would be an expensive option. Many car Rental companies or car dealers have a car buyback option. It could be better off buying a car if you are travelling for couple of months and than selling it back to the same dealers. The difference in price while selling would a lot better than the car hire charge.?

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