Accommodation in New Zealand

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Need somewhere to stay?
Hotel accommodation New Zealand
No1Guide allows you to select from thousands of hostels in New Zealand from our accommodation directory. Check out our hostel reviews, view photographs and read detailes from their website. Most of them confirm reservations at a selection of youth hostels, independent hostels and international hostels throughout New Zealand.
New Zealand offers a wide selection of excellent Hotel accommodation that caters for all levels of expectation and tariff rates. Our No1 Guide provides extensive accommodation information within New Zealand and covers a broad range of places to stay, from motel accommodation to Luxury New Zealand Hotels and Lodges. We have a comprehensive database of accommodation in North Island and South Island including accommodation in New Zealand localities such as the Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch providing full details including pictures, maps, pricing and the ability to book accommodation online.

Below we offer a summary of the different types of accommodation in New Zealand to help you choose the right type of accommodation suited for your taste and preference.

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