Bungee Jumping

New Zealand is home to Bungee Jumping and is the world’s number one destination for this sport.

Bungee jumping began in New Zealand in 1988 as a money making sport. The idea was inspired by A J Hackett impressive jump from the Eiffel Tower in 1986.
Some of the best destinations in New Zealand to do the Bungee are the following:

The Kawarau suspension bridge
New Zealand’s most famous bungee jumping destination. The bridge is about 25 years old and is situated northeast of Queenstown (New Zealand’s capital city) the leap of the bridge is 43 meter into the water below.

Skippers Canyon Bridge
Higher that Kawarau with a fall of 71 meters over a narrow canyon of the Shotover River.

The Pipeline
102 meters high!

The Ledge
The Ledge is one of the unforgettable bungee experiences you will ever experience. Located in Queenstown you can leap off the observation deck which is terrifying 450 meters above town! As you plummet down you get to take in the one in million views of Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables. To reach there you can take the Queenstown Skyline gondola.
The Ledge Bungy
The Ledge Bungy
The Ledge Swing
The Ledge Swing

Sky Tower
You can do a sky jump from the top of sky tower… one of New Zealand’s highest jumps, falling down fast and smoothly at approximately 75kph for about 16 seconds for 192m! Do it if you dare! It costs around $195 per person. Or do a Vertigo Challenge to climb the sky tower.

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