New Zealand’s Surfing Pardise

New Zealand is probably one of the last countries people look to as a surfing paradise but infact it’s has some of the best surfing destinations in New Zealand. With miles of scenic coast always pounded by waves from all angles, and with both coasts being so close together, it means there are an abundance of quality waves every day so you never have any downtime. Not only this, but New Zealand offers many Surf Tours, Surf Lessons and Surf Camps so even if you’re a beginner and want to learn you can. You can easily make the most out of your surfing adventure in New Zealand.

People who come to New Zealand to enjoy the surfing experience say that you will not forget the feeling of surfing and the beautiful beach after you’ve tired it once.

Whether you’re a serious surfer or a visitor looking to experience the surfing lifestyle, New Zealand has surf tours, schools and camps to fit. You are guaranteed a surf experience of un-crowded waves together with breathtaking New Zealand scenery.

New Zealand beaches can be surfed all year round. The North Island has very warm temperatures in summer (December-March) and wet suits are not generally needed. The South Island waters are colder and usually call for some neoprene protection.
During the summer, the temperature can get to around 30 degrees Celsius with water temperatures of around 22 degrees Celsius. In the winter the water is still quite reasonable in the North of the North Island with water temperatures ranging from 12 degrees Celsius.

Some of the top surfing destinations are One of the world’s most thrilling surfing destinations is ‘surfari’ Downunder.

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