Auckland’s Famous Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is Auckland famous Landmark and was opened in August 1997. It stands at 328metres (1,076-ft) and is the tallest building in the Southern hemisphere. The sky tower is part of sky city and is visited by nearly one million people every year. It has four observation levels, which offers 50-mile (82km) breathtaking views of Auckland City, Harbour bridge and Auckland?s surroundings.

skytower at night
sky tower at night

The four observation levels of Sky Tower comprise of:

  • The Observatory: New Zealand?s highest restaurant offering a romantic buffet style setting in a peaceful and calm environment. Perfect for those romantic and anniversary occasions.
  • The main Observation level: This is the main viewing area for visitors where the standard fee applies. Higher levels will have extra charges added on. This level offers free multilingual audio guides, binoculars that gives close up views of Auckland but bear in mind that these are not free, live weather forecasts and touch-screen computers where you can have a go at answering general questions about New Zealand. The best bit about this level are the glass floors which you can walk over to see Auckland at your feet if you dare!
  • The lower Observation level: this is where you can take a break and go downstairs to the sky lounge caf? and buy snacks, hot and cold drinks and sit down beside the seamless glass and enjoy views over Auckland in a peaceful, calm setting.
  • The outdoor observation level: features high-capacity binoculars offering a close up view of Auckland, its harbours and the rest of Auckland.

Sky Tower is beautiful at night where it?s lit up and is more visible than ever, especially at Christmas, Easter and well-marked events in the calendar, where sky tower is lit up in fantastic different colours. It?s usually green and red at Christmas and pink to mark breast cancer awareness day. The colours vary throughout the year and you never know what colour it will be next!

Did you know?

  • You can do a sky jump from the top of sky tower? It?s true. You can do one of New Zealand?s highest jumps, falling down fast and smoothly at approximately 75kph for about 16 seconds for 192m! Do it if you dare! It costs around $195 per person
  • You can go for the Vertigo Climb, a two-hour guided tour up the inside of the Sky Tower pole where you can learn about the southern hemisphere?s highest tower and enjoy the ultimate buzz of reaching to the very top high viewing platform.
  • The pole on top of sky tower (high spire) weighs 150 tonnes and is the main telecoomunications and broadcastring pole in the region.
  • You can pay that little bit extra to go up to new Zealand?s highest public viewing area- the sky deck , where you can enjoy 360 degree views through picture perfect glass.

Sky city is located at Sky City, corner of Federal and Victoria Streets, Auckland City.

Opening Times are:
Sun to Thur 8:30am-11:00pm
Fri and Sat 8:30am-Midnight.

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