Snowplanet – 365 day a year Auckland snow resort

Ever felt like going skiing on hot summers day? Well you can! Snowplanet is New Zealand’s first and unique 365 days a year indoor snow dome located in Auckland at Silverdale, a 20 minute drive north from downtown Auckland. Visitors and residents of Auckland enjoy the excitement of the different variety of snowsports and the tranquil surroundings of an indoor snow resort regardless of what the Auckland weather is like.

snowplanet indoor skiing
indoor ski and snowboard slope north of Auckland

snowplanet indoor skiing                        indoor ski and snowboard slope north of                                                               Auckland

Snowplanet is for everyone from beginners to the advanced, young or old skiers and snowboarders. It’s unique and extraordinary in everyway and is the only ski resort indoors only available in Auckland.
Its unique combination of all year snow and a resort brings to mind an excitement that is available nowhere else in New Zealand. Snowplanet is a great excursion whether it?s a friends or family fun day out. It?s great for birthdays, anniversaries or even somewhere you can go to treat the kids or friends.

Snowplanet has a giant snowhall that features 50 cm?s of real snow powder, three lifts, Big Jump and a terrain park for snowboarders and it even has a separate area for learners which is 1,200 sq metres of area. It?s just like the real mania with that alpine chill. The only thing missing from a mountain experience is the view! If you are new to snowsports, then there are courses available and one-off introductory lessons that can help you if you really want to learn and make the most of your time and money at snowplanet.

The temperature at Snowplant is ?5 degrees Celsius with snow depth of 50cm.

At Snowplanet you can go to the Mountain View Caf? & Bar to see some amazing views onto the giant snowhall.

Where in Auckland is Snowplanet?

Snowplanet is only 15 minutes by car from the Auckland harbour bridge. To reach Snowplanet go onto Highway 1 North and take the “Silverdale” exit. Turn right at the first roundabout and cross the bridge over the motorway. Go straight at the next roundabout and after 100m, turn right into ?Small Road?. Follow Small Road until you get to the very end. Snowplanet is located past Action Raceway, the indoor go-kart track.

What should I wear when coming to Snowplanet?

Bear in mind that it is ?5 degrees Celsius inside so therefore warm clothing, scarf, hat and gloves are recommended for your own safety and comfort. Certain items of clothing can be rented from snow center such as jackets, gloves and hats. It?s best to enquire about these before leaving as its limited stock only.

What are the opening times?

From 1st April 2006 ? 31st October 2006 the opening times are as follow:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ? 10am ? 10pm
Thursday and Friday ? 10am ? 11pm
Saturday ? 9am ? 11pm
Sunday ? 9am ? 10pm

Summer times may vary as there is a lot of maintenance work around this time and special events taking place, therefore it is best to check snowplanets website or give them a call to find out the timings for the day you wish to go.

What are the prices like?

Snow Planet is reasonably priced and at the weekends you can get two hours in the snow plus gear rental for $59. It?s cheaper during the week and there are concession passes available.

If you?re a beginner and never been on the snow before then you can take advantage of the introductory course and rental gear costing only $49

To find out more information about Snow Planet visit

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