Top 10 things to do in NZ

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If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand then we recommend these top 10 things to do in New Zealand. All these things include heaps of fun, action and entertainment.

Auckland Zoo
Auckland Zoo is rated Auckland’s No1 things to do. There are so many things you can do here including coming along to one of Auckland Zoo’s events which are scheduled throughout the year with more over the kid’s school holidays. read more

Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoological Park
Motions Road, Western Springs, Auckland

Rainbows End
New Zealand’s top theme park is Rainbows End. Rainbows End is New Zealand’s Largest and Friendliest Theme Parks and it was opened in 1982. It is located in Manukau, South of Auckland and is also Manukau’s top attractions. read more

Sky City and Sky Tower
Auckland’s Famous Sky Tower that looks extremely beautiful at night when it’s lit up. The Sky Tower is Auckland’s famous Landmark and was opened in August 1997. It stands at 328metres (1,076-ft) and is the tallest building in the Southern hemisphere. The sky tower is part of sky city and is visited by nearly one million people every year. Sky Tower is an excellent choice for a night out whether it’s the casino or simply a romantic evening at Orbit, the most unique and enjoyable restaurant at the top of Sky Tower. read more
Sky Tower from the ground up
Sky Tower, from the ground up

Auckland Bridge Climb and Bridge Bungee
Come and enjoy the thrill of a being 67 meters (200 feet) above the Pacific Ocean by joining Auckland harbours professional bridge climbers for an amazing journey on Auckland’s Harbour Bridge. The experience lasts about 1 and half hours. The bridge is made up of elegantly new ladder-like pathways to make it easier for climbers. Once at the top of the bridge summit you will have an unforgotten time taking in the 360 degree views of Auckland where you will observe Superb picture views of a lively harbour, extraordinary island landscapes and exciting city skyline. During the adventure you will learn about the history, culture and exclusive volcanic geography of Auckland. Or, why not try Auckland Bridge Bungee, home to the world’s first Harbour Bridge Bungee jump, operated AJ Hackett Bungee. The jump off the harbour bridge is located precisely under the bridge at Pier 2. You are allowed to take spectators with you for a small fee per person and no cameras or camcorders are allowed. Once at the platform Bungee jumpers will jump over the Waitemata Harbour.
Auckland Bridge Climb Auckland Bridge Bungy
Auckland Bridge Climb Auckland Bridge Bungy

Bungee Jumping
New Zealand is home to Bungee Jumping and is the world’s number one destination for this sport.

Bungee jumping began in New Zealand in 1988 as a money making sport. The idea was inspired by A J Hackett impressive jump from the Eiffel Tower in 1986.
Some of the best destinations in New Zealand to do the Bungee are the following read more

Whale watching in Kaikoura
Witnessing one of these great sea creatures in its own natural surroundings is an unforgotten experience of a lifetime. One particular species of the whale is the Sperm whales that can be found all over Kaikoura coastline. It attracts the sperm whales because of the oceanic environment that is very wealthy in nutrients. This overwhelming creature can grow up to 20 metres in length and has the largest brain of any other animal on this earth. Sperm Whales can be seen all year round and for this reason Kaikora is one of the popular whale watching destinations in the world.

At Kaikoura not only will you see whales but you will also see many dolphins and Seals as well. read more
Whale tail, Kaikoura
Whale tail, Kaikoura


Visit the Heartland of New Zealand’s Maori Culture
Rotorua is a very popular destination spot in New Zealand as it is famous for its thermal activity which includes geysers, steaming hot pools, mud pools and lakes. It is the spiritual home to the Maori.
Geysers at Whakarewarewa Hands on experience of Maori crafts
Geysers at Whakarewarewa Hands on experience of Maori crafts
In Rotorua it is recommended you take a tour of Whakarewarewa Thermal Reserve where you can take a guided tour around the reserve and experience the different geysers including Pohutu geyser which erupts 80% of the day shooting boiling water 31m into the air. You will also experience a Maori Marae which is a meeting place, where genuine local tribes frequently meet. You may also get to see the “hongi” – the official nose-to-nose Maori welcome, and then you’ll see some traditional Maori song and dance performances. You can even see the traditional underground “hangi” which is an earth oven. read more

Cape Reinga and 90 Mile Beach
Situated in the Upper North Island, the 90 mile beach is the longest beach in New Zealand. It’s actually about 60 miles long. This beach is well-known for its enormous sand dunes and looks a lot like the Sahara Desert. The spectacular white sand beach is a must see for those who adore the sand and sea. read more
Cape Reinga
Cape Reinga

Mission Bay
You don’t have to travel far from Auckland City to enjoy Auckland’s spectacular shores. Mission Bay is only 10 minutes drive from Auckland City and there are many things to do. Not only will you find busy cafes, but also some of the most excellent restaurants and bars Auckland has to offer. read more

Abel Tasman National Park Beaches
Another place in New Zealand you must see is the Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand’s smallest National Park. However unlike Fiordland it has one of the sunniest climate and the top coastal scenery in New Zealand and can be visited at any time of the year. read more
Abel Tasman National Park
Abel Tasman National Park

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