Westland National Park

Westland National Park located in the South of New Zealand West Coast, famous for its diverse landscape, glaciers, Franz Joseph Glacier and Fox Glacier, it spectacular scenery and pristine nature.
Westland National Park

These glaciers are only one of its kind because they are next to the coastline of any glacier in the world outside of the polar regions, which means that they are not only open but the weather is much warmer compared to other glacial sites in the world. The park is also covered in an abundant rainforest and is backed by steep cliffs and mountains. The coastline is only a drive away and there are some fantastic views of the glaciers and mountains which reflect in a few of the lakes in the area. Westland National Park also has many activities which you can be involved with such as a walking up one of the glaciers or taking a helicopter ride up to the top of the Southern Alps and back. The West Coast is known as the wet side of the alps and is often rainy. So if you are planning a visit make sure to take your waterproof gear with you. In the summer it can be hot and humid so remember to bring sunscreen., sunglasses and a hat.

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