Piha Beach

Piha is a superb tourist destination with breathe-taking scenic views and an amazing beach in Auckland. It’s also a beautiful drive through the Waitakeri Mountains. It will feel as though you’re traveling somewhere far but infact you’re very close to home. It’s not very far from Central Auckland only an hour and a half’s drive from Auckland city, so it’s nice to escape the busy life and head for somewhere peaceful.

Piha Beach

Piha is fantastic to look at, but unfortunately it’s unpleasant to swim in as the water is very dangerous. The coastal current can drag swimmers out to sea. It still remains a popular site for surfing though.
The lion rock at Piha is amazing with its history carved on a huge rock to read. It describes Piha during the time when only the native Maori used the beach. The views from the top of lion rock are breath-taking with surrounding picturesque views of water and greenery.

The rock is not difficult to climb either, infact they have made it so it’s fun to climb, with stairs & ropes where required to assist the young and elderly.

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