Doubtless Bay

Doubtless Bay is said to be the first landfall for the legendary explorer Kupe. In the early days of European settlement, Doubtless Bay  was used as a base for whalers.

The bay is one of New Zealand’s top destinations with some amazing golden beaches, including Cable Bay and Cooper’s beach, one of the safest beaches in the Northland popular with swimmers and snorkelers.

Doubtless Bay has quite a few seaside townships and the fishing village of Mangonui, a village many people come to just to try the food at New Zealand’s famous fish and chip shop. It is also well-known for its many historic buildings like the Mangonui Courthouse, St. Andrew’s Anglican Church opened in 1860 and many more. 

There is plenty to do here like swimming, diving, kayak, sailing, water ski, fishing, or simple take a stroll and enjoy the breath-taking scenery.

Doubtless Bay Coopers Beach

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