Rarotonga – Capital Island of the Cook Islands

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Rarotonga Paradise Island

The Cook Islands are a Pacific Island country of 15 islands all spread over two million square km of Pacific Ocean. Gatherings of coconut palms, mountains, the roaring waves hitting on the reef, the colourful trees, the blue bays and the beat of the drums – its all here on the island paradise, Raratonga.

The beach near Fruits of Rarotonga<br /> View of rarotonga taken from the main coast road

The beach near Fruits of Rarotonga         View of rarotonga from the main coast                                                                 road

Rarotonga is the capital island of the Cook Islands and the youngest and It?s actually different to the other islands where erosion has abridged mountains to hills. People say it?s the most beautiful place in the pacific. It?s known for its profound valleys, rich gradients of red earth and sparkling waters, Raratonga was one of the last of the Cook Islands to be visited by European ships.

The climate is calm with temperatures of between 18?C and 28?C in the winter, which is, May to October, and between 21?C and 29?C in the summer, which is from November to April.
Rarotonga is 14,750 feet above the ocean bottom and 20 miles in circumference. At a depth of 13,000 feet the volcano is some 31 miles in diameter.

Things to do

One of the main attractions of this island is that it is not artificial but natural destination point for tourists to come visit. The whole island has a beyond doubt tranquil environment that is so hard to find in this world. There are so many things you can do in Raratonga, some of these are:

  • Diving and snorkelling is very popular in the Cook Islands, and the diving around Rarotonga amazing. The waters are warm with temperatures between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius. The clear waters give an underwater visibility up to 200 feet. The most popular places to discover are the Ngatatangiia Swim-through, Matavera Drop off, Mataora Wreck, Papu Canyon, Sand River and Koromiri Coral Garden.
  • Fishing in the Cook Islands
  • Go Shopping in Rarotonga which is very relaxing compared to anywhere else you?ve shopped before. There are lots of range and great bargains to be found. The main bazaar is the waterfront market situated at the western end of Avarua.
  • Go watch a historical dance being performed. Each historical dances are a form of storytelling and these are practised from early childhood. Did you know that Cook Islanders are looked upon as the best Polynesian dancers anywhere and have won many international awards.
  • Enjoy the nightlife in Rarotonga, especially on a Friday night! Go on pub crawl if you?re not sure where you would like to spend most of your time.

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