RotoruaRotorua is another top attraction of New Zealand which is famous for its volcanic activity which includes geysers, steaming hot pools, mud pools and lakes. It is the spiritual home to the Maori.
Rotorua has many Geothermal Reserves such as Waimangu, Waiotapu and Whakarewarewa, all of which are located in gorgeous natural environment. At all these reserves you will be able to see geysers, boiling pools, hot springs, boiling mud and volcanic terraces and craters. Rotorua also has lots of stunning lakes and native bush for walking. Mt Tarawera, a volcano is also nearby and there are tours available that can take you to the top of this volcano to experience the stunning views and walk down into the crater. Rotorua is situated in the Bay of Plenty region. You will know you have entered Rotorua by the unique smell of sulphur together with evading steam into the air.

Geothermal action Rotorua

There are only a few geyser fields in the world – Geyser Flat at
Whakarewarewa is one of the best

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