What to Eat in New Zealand

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Sheep are still a mainstay of New Zealand’s agricultural economy and so New Zealand lamb is without doubt the best in the world. Sea food is also arguably the best with oysters, green-lip mussels and salmon all of great taste and quality, thanks to the pristine waters of New Zealand in which they grow. Worth mentioning here too is the trout-fishing, New Zealand has a reputation of being the best trout-fishing country in the world, but despite this, buying and selling trout is illegal. If you do catch your own, then many restaurants will be happy to cook it for you.
If you are a seafood lover, then look out for snapper, monkfish, turbot, hapuka, blue fish and swordfish and for an authentic experience you could even try catching it yourself and barbeque it. Other seafood varieties include crayfish (spiny lobster), scampi, oysters. You will find that there are many seafood bars and chinese shops around that do serve this for a good price.

In terms of vegetables and what’s grown below ground, the kumara (red sweet potato) is delicious and used in many different ways. The taste great roasted.

The famous New Zealand kiwi is a must try, especially the golden kiwi fruits you can now buy taste even great and do wonders sliced on New Zealands famous desert, the pavlova – a large meringue filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

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