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What you need to know about finding a job

So you need to find a job in New Zealand but don’t know where or how to start looking. Well whether you are changing jobs or just starting out in the New Zealand market, no1guide is here to help you make that big step in your career. This article will tell you some of the ways you can find that perfect job.

Many of us still prefer to buy a newspaper and browse though the job section hoping to find something suitable to apply for. Sometimes it’s not easy and can put a lot of stress when you don’t find what you’re looking for.
Unfortunately a newspaper can only offer you a limited number of vacancies in your market if any at all; this is due to the fact that not many companies advertise in papers because they know that online job sites do much better. Not only that, but newspapers can be very competitive with hundreds applying for the same role.

With technology advancing everyday more and more people are learning how to use a computer and the internet. The perfect way to find your ideal job is by looking at job websites and there are many to choose from.

Here is a list of some of the places you can look to find that perfect job:

Word of mouth

Talk to people you know, i.e. friends, relatives, neighbours. They have probably been in your position and no all the ins and outs and where to look. Find out how they found their job? Maybe they’re working for someone that has vacancies suited to your type of role. Many times jobs are found by people who have been referred to by someone else.

Job boards at University or the company you work for now

The majority of universities or institutes have job boards that advertise a variety of vacant position or you could try at the Careers centre if you have one. Careers centre are a great place to start and get advice and tips from qualified people.

Contact companies directly

You could sit down with the phone book and ring around all the companies you know of and find out if they have any vacancies. Although this sounds like a great idea and probably a better way to sell yourself at the same time, chances are that half of them will probably say they don’t have any and the other half may tell you to send in your CV. Remember to ask for the most appropriate person you need to speak with e.g. Human Resources, Sales, Accounts etc. as most of the time you will get through to their the main desk who wont know if there are vacant positions or not. Be clear about what you want and make a list of questions you may want to ask so you’re well prepared.
A lot of companies advertise vacant positions online either on their website or a job site. All you have to do in register and start searching for jobs online.


As mentioned at the start, newspapers can be a great place to look but you could also face a lot of competition when you apply for a job advertised in a paper.

The New Zealand Herald and The Dominion Post are two of the best newspapers to look for jobs as they tend to have a lot of positions vacant. Mondays and Wednesdays are typically the main days for job vacancies in the New Zealand Herald.


Job sites are a huge part of the market now days. The numbers of job websites is growing so how do you know which one to use? Job websites are great way of finding that perfect job because they cover nearly all vacancies available and are updated daily, whereas, a newspaper only covers a few and you can’t get be kept informed on new positions.

Here is a list of the top 5 job websites. Most of the sites are similar because you can search vacancies by specific occupations or industries. You will also notice how some recruitment agencies and employers will advertise their listing on more that one website. For this reason always make a note of whom you have sent your CV to online. (recommended) – currently 8696 jobs online search for the latest jobs in New Zealand

Enjoy the job hunt and if you do get rejected don’t feel bad. Take it as a learning experience and be positive you will do better the next time.

Author: nztravelguide

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