New Zealand in Top 10 Travel Destinations

Did you know New Zealand was listed as one of the top 10 travel destinations? It was discovered by a recent worldwide poll of 32,000 travellers. Lonely Planet, a well-known travel guide has graded New Zealand as one of the top ten travel destinations in the world at number 2 with the title “favourite destination”. … Read moreNew Zealand in Top 10 Travel Destinations

Travel Tips

Travel tips for travelers to New Zealand Bring your drivers license, The best way to tour New Zealand is in a car. Internation drivers license would be prefered as some car rental companies might have problems accepting drivers license of certain countries. Bring plenty of sun cream and protective clothing such as sunglasses, hats etc. … Read moreTravel Tips

New Zealand Facts

New Zealand Essentials Full country name:Aotearoa/New Zealand Capital City: Wellington Area: 268,680 sq km Population: 4 million Largest City: Auckland (1.1million) New Zealand People People: 75% New Zealand European (Pakeha), 10% Maori, 5% other European, 4.5% Polynesian, 5% Asian, 0.5% other Religion: Predominantly Christian (75%) Language: English, Maori New Zealand Politics Government: Independent member of … Read moreNew Zealand Facts