Speaking Kiwi (slang words and phrases)

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Many words and phrases listed here are common to New Zealand, Great Britain and Australia. These are some of the ones commonly used in New Zealand along with their definitions.

Banger : Sausage
Bach : Holiday cottage (pronounced ‘batch’, originated from a shortened form of bachelor, referring to a dwelling fit for a single man)
Beehive : The main government building in Wellington
Biscuit : Cookie
Bludge : Scrounge, borrow
Boot :Car trunk
Boy-racer: Young hoon in fast car with extremely loud stereo!
Bush: Forest, native woodland
Capsicum: Green pepper
Chook : Chicken
Cocky : Farmer
Chilly-bin : Portable cooler box used for a picnic
Crib : Holiday cottage (South Island)
Crook : Sick, ill
Cuppa : Cup of tea
Dag : A character or entertaining person
Dairy : General grocery store that sell milk, bread, papers, conveneience foods and dairy produce.
Flannel: Wash cloth
Good as gold : Fine, OK
Handle : Beer glass with a handle
Jandals : Flip-flops, thongs
Jersey: Sweater
Jumper: Woollen sweater
Judder bars: Speed bumps in the road
Kiwi: New Zealander
Kiwi: An endangered flightless bird native to New Zealand
Kiwifruit: Hairy skinned fruit with lime green flesh
L&P: Lemon & Paeroa (L&P) – fizzy soda water
Maori: Native people of New Zealand.
Morning tea : Mid-morning tea or coffee break
Motorway: Freeway
Mozzie : Mosquito
Pakeha: A New Zealander of European descent
She’ll be right : That’s ok
Shout a Round : Pay for a round of drinks
Togs : Swimwear
Wopwops : The back of beyond
Wowser : Killjoy

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  1. WOW Thats alot!!!!

  2. Maybe it’s slightly different here in Australia, but when we say someone’s a “dag”, it doesn’t mean they’re a character – it’s an affectionate way of saying that someone is unstylish or a dork.

    Also, we say “Woop woop” (rather than “Wopwops”), meaning the same as the definition given here – middle of nowhere.

    Also, in addition to calling the car trunk a “boot”, we call the hood the “bonnet”.

  3. what about “weedeater” da Ozzies call it a whipper snipper

  4. Is bushpig a racist reference at all in any way. I am writing a very controversial poem about pack house bullying and don’t want to look racist as someone said it might be an old racist word here in New Zealand. Any feedback is welcome. Ta 😎

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