New Zealand Facts

New Zealand Essentials

Full country name:Aotearoa/New Zealand
Capital City: Wellington
Area: 268,680 sq km
Population: 4 million
Largest City: Auckland (1.1million)

New Zealand People

People: 75% New Zealand European (Pakeha), 10% Maori, 5% other European, 4.5% Polynesian, 5% Asian, 0.5% other
Religion: Predominantly Christian (75%)
Language: English, Maori

New Zealand Politics

Government: Independent member of the Commonwealth of Nations
Head of State: Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright
Head of Government: Prime Minister Helen Clark

New Zealand Infrastructure

Time Zone: GMT+12
Dialling Code: +64
Weights & Measures: Metric
Electricity: 240V, 50Hz

New Zealand Economy

GDP: US$85 billion
GDP per capita: US$22,360
Annual Growth: 2%
Inflation: 2.7%
Major Industries: Food processing, wood and paper products, wool, textiles, dairy products, iron and steel, machinery, tourism
Major Trading Partners: Australia, Japan, UK, China and the USA

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