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Travel tips for travelers to New Zealand

Bring your drivers license, The best way to tour New Zealand is in a car. Internation drivers license would be prefered as some car rental companies might have problems accepting drivers license of certain countries.

Bring plenty of sun cream and protective clothing such as sunglasses, hats etc. The Ozone layer in New Zealand is thinner than elsewhere in the world and the sun can cause burns. So if you go all day without sun cream, you will get burnt.

Credit cards are an easy way for you to pay and are very handy to have

Never leave your valuables in a car or other vehicle you are driving and lock your car when you leave. Consider Travel insurance to reduce the risk of any unwanted incedent.

Always carry a rain jacket, New Zealand weather is known to be unpredictable, there can be an unexpected downpours.

Bring a decent camera, New Zealand has the most amazing scenery and wou would want to capture it all to retain them as your memories.

Try not to prebook your tours or attractions befor ariving to New Zealand. Once you arive you can call different tour operators and you might get a better deal.

Always Visit the Information centre for any city that you are visiting. They will provide you everything that you can see and do in that city and you can plan your day accordingly.

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