Comparing 6 Top NZ Travel Insurance Companies

We have contacted six of the top Travel Insurance companies to know their norms and terms regarding their area of coverage. We have requested for an online travel insurance quote and a comparison of all collected information can be viewed in the table below to help find the best travel insurance rates. 1Cover Tower AA … Read moreComparing 6 Top NZ Travel Insurance Companies

World Nomads Travel Insurance Review

We conducted reviews of six travel insurance companies and our findings revealed that World Nomads was the cheapest. If you purchase travel insurance for a single person travelling for 32 days, worldwide it will cost you $169. An excess of $100 is applicable for each claim event which means you must pay the first NZ … Read moreWorld Nomads Travel Insurance Review

AA Travel Insurance Review

Research shows that out of six of the top New Zealand Travel Insurance companies, AA was one of two companies that have the lowest Excess. On the downside however, it was the most expensive at $247.00 for a single person travelling for 32 days, worldwide. Who is AA Travel insurance They started in 1903 and … Read moreAA Travel Insurance Review