Transport & Car Rentals in New Zealand

Hire a Car in New Zealand One of the questions your likely to ask yourself is “how am I going to get about New Zealand?”. New Zealand is well known for it’s friendliness and warm reception received by tourists/visitors coming to New Zealand and for this reason it is very rare that you would encounter or experience difficulties. However, the mountainous nature and long thin nature of the land do provide some challenges for travellers.
New Zealand has good transportation by air. The public transport is not that well developed so train, taxis and bus services are good, but not well connected. The best way to see New Zealand is by road-self drive.

Within this category we offer a summary of the different types of transportation in New Zealand with everything you need to know about New Zealand Transport – from Driving to Public Transport. So whether it’s getting to New Zealand or Travelling Around New Zealand, No1Guide has it all.

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