General Information for Cyclists

  • In towns, cycle lanes are colured to make them stand out from the road – for example lanes in Christchurch and Hamilton are colured red and in Auckland they are colured green.
  • Helmets are compulsory and must be worn by all cyclists.
  • All cyclists must also have a rear reflector (preferably red) on the back of the bike; yellow pedal reflectors or reflective leg-straps, and good brakes on the front and back wheels.
  • You must have lights (white in front, red behind) to be able to cycle at night.
  • At intersections, the road rules are the same as those for cars and must always be followed by riders.
  • Cyclists can only ride beside another cyclist or a moped – not alongside a car or truck
  • Cyclists passing another vehicle must ride in single file
  • For more information, tel 0800 699000 or visit

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