Jucy Car Rental Review

Jucy have four branches throughout New Zealand:
Auckland City
Auckland Airport
Christchurch Airport
Queenstown Airport

Prices range from $NZD24/day for 4 doors through to $NZD87/day for People Movers depending on season/length of rental.
Out of five other Car Rental companies we reviewed, Jucy was the one to offer the cheapest prices whether hiring a vehicle in the Summer or the Winter. So for one of their cheaper vehicles that come in 4 door with automatic available as well as manual, El Cheapo is available for you from $24 a day depending on the time or period you want the vehicle. It comes with air conditioning, central locking and power steering and is a high mileage vehicle – 200,000km plus. See the table for a detailed comparison with four other top rental companies.

Jucy also have large vehicles including motorhomes or Recreational Vehicles, and whether you’re travelling on your own or your travelling up to 8 people Jucy can cover all categories there as well.

If you are travelling with children then they also have you covered, Jucy have in fact seats for little young ones, baby seats as well as booster seats all available to hire for $40. You can also purchase additional items such as ski racks, snow chain, picnic chair and GPS unit.

A popular vehicle in the winter is compact 4 wheel drive Toyota RAV4 or similar vehicle ideal is you want to go skiing whether it is in the North Island or South Island and you can rent these vehicles from $87 a day depending on how long you want to hire it for. It’s very comfortable and up to 5 people can fit in them and they have fold down back seats. There are roof racks for the ski’s with plenty of room in the back for your snowboarder, ski boots and your entire luggage so you’ve got comfortable driving, great fuel economy and very comfortable if your travelling from up to 2 – 5 people you’ll find it really comfortable on the road.

They also have a sleeper van vehicle available from $NZD37/day so if you’re travelling to New Zealand and you’re travelling on a budget, then this is the best way to see New Zealand. You’ve got your rental car handy and accommodation all built into one. Jucy have these in 2.2 litre engines, automatic or manual so very economical. In the back also you have a double bed and bedding with plenty of room in the back and pillows are all included. They have curtains, tinted out windows and plenty of room for your luggage. So this is the best way to travel New Zealand on a budget possible for extended periods to see most of the country.

There are also bigger Sleeper vans available from $NZD39 per day with built in toilet and shower. In the back you have a big bed and a pull out drawer that can act as a table so you can cook or you eat around on the table. The even greater thing is that it opens up to store all your utensils, plates, saucers, pots, pans, gas cooker, chiller to keep your water nice and cold so in the back of the vans your completely self sufficient whether your on the open road and your trying to free camp somewhere in the South Island maybe or weather you’ve pulled into a Camper Ground you’ve got everything you need here to be completely self sufficient.

Good Points

  • You can Skype the Jucy team
  • FREE 24 hour Breakdown Service
  • Inter Island Ferry Allowed
  • Get a quote and book online
  • Two for one deals and discounts available
  • Campervan hire available
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Free Transfers from airport
  • Free touring guides, maps and JUCY Goodie Bag

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New Zealand 0800 399 736 / P +64 9 374 4360
Australia 1800 150 850
Germany 0800 181 7169
United Kingdom 0800 559 3292
United States 1800 650 4180

website: http://www.jucy.co.nz/

Car Insurance

Car insurance is included for vehicles with an excess of NZ$1,000.00 and NZ$2500 for single vehicle accidents. You can reduce excess by paying a daily premium of NZ$12.00 and you don’t have to pay any excess plus you are covered for panel damage and single vehicle accidents.

After Hours Service

Key drop is provided. Please park the car under the canopy and post the keys through the slot in the window.

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11 thoughts on “Jucy Car Rental Review”

  1. Jucy are dishonest, incompetant and that is the most pleasant desciption I can give.
    I am taking legal action.

    Considered yourself warned from a person that will never be a Jucy customer again.

  2. Honestly the best part about hiring from Jucy is that is taught to only hire from a reputable company in the future. It is worthwhile to pay a bit more than have to deal with this bunch of monkeys, honestly they are by far the worst car hire company I’ve ever had to deal with and I have hired many cars worldwide. The car was a total wreck the office was closed when I was supposed to pick up the car only for them to leave an inexcusable note on the office window to tell me the car was not ready and attached to it a number for a taxi. Hours later when they finally decided to open they just treated me as if they do this type of thing on a daily basis, and the story goes on and on…. absolute rubbish and incompetant!!!

    Long story short I was charged for damage I didn’t do to a car (it came with it and was clearly marked in the vehicle check sheet), and have now spent three weeks dealing with their hellish customer service only to be called a liar repeatedly, regardless of the paperwork agreeing with me. The charge was absurd also- 650 for a dent! And finally I had the wonderful experience of finding out that if you rent from them once they keep your credit card on file (for over a month in my case which I believe is illegal) and they didn’t update their file with the credit card I used this time so the charge was placed on the wrong card which they were never authorized to use and left me stranded in a foreign country for a week(how long it took them to switch the charge to the correct card) without funds. Don’t use unless you enjoy being charged for things you didn’t do, being called a liar repeatedly, and listening to endless hours of hold music with the cheeriest most annoying recording ever reminding you that your call is important to them every five seconds.

  4. Shocking, dishonest, robbers. Took out $72 from my account 3 months after I used them saying I hadn’t filled the car which is a lie. The Parnell Street Aukland Branch are being reported.


    I would prefer europcar rental company, after having ridiculous experience with jucy, i tried europcar rentals, they r amazing no hidden conditions or expensess. Not stingy like jucy. Good service. First n last time used jucy. Never again.

  6. I agree with most people on here – they are terrible!! Please do not use them, spend a little extra and use a reputable company. There are hidden fees designed to extort additional money that are hidden at the time of rental. I stupidly used them thinking I would save a few dollars but they stung me with entirely unnecessary ‘admin’ charges (of $120) a few weeks after I returned the car.

    They did nothing to satisfactorily address my questions about these charges and instead lied on social media to cover their tracks and save face.

    They have lost a customer who hires cars 10’s of times a year as they are greedy and have no long term view on their business.

    Oh, and the car was in terrible condition, dirty and full of knocks and scrapes. Avoid like the plague.

  7. We reserved a Jucy rental for pick up yesterday at Auckland Airport. Our flight was delayed and we arrived at 5:15 PM. We used the Freephone in the baggage pick-up area and were told to leave our number and they would call us back. They never did. So we went online and found an entry on their website that advised us that their pick-up service from the airport to their depot stopped operating at 5:40 PM. Then another entry advised that after-hours we should go to the bookshop next to the Help Desk at the international arrival area. So we packed our bags onto a trolley and trundled across to the international terminal. At the bookshop they advised that they had never heard of us. By this time we were seething with rage and further calls to the Jucy After Hours help desk also advised us to leave our number and they would call us back. they never did. So we went to another rental company, paid twice the price we had been quoted by Jucy and arrived at our destination 2-hours late.

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