1Cover Travel Insurance Review

1Cover Travel Insurance is an Australian based company that offers fully comprehensive policies for all age groups, the options are Single, Multi-trip, Backpacker, Medical Only and Ski/Snowboard.

Research shows that out of six of the top New Zealand Travel Insurance companies, 1Cover is one of the cheapest at $175.5 for a single person travelling for 32 days, worldwide. On the downside however, it has an excess of $100 compared to AA that is only 75.

1cover’s has it’s own website where you get an online quotes and also gain online approval for pre-existing medical conditions. Unlike other insurance companies who send policies by post, 1cover sends policies by email instantly.

Good Points

  • Pricing is good and Cheap
  • Web site is very easy to use to get a quote and then go on to buying the travel insurance.
  • Ability to save the quote and come back later to purchase the policy
  • There is a customer service telephone number if you wish to purchase over the telephone for those who are still not happy to buy online.
  • The policy number is sent to your mobile phone and your detailed policy document and insurance certificate policy is sent to you via e-mail. On the insurance certificate you will find 1Cover 24 hour emergency number which you can call at anytime.
  • Loss of Deposits, Cancellation & Curtailment is unlimited
  • Unlimited Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Unlimited Overseas Emergency Medical and Hospital Expenses
  • All policies are underwritten by Allianz

Bad Points

  • Call centre only open until 4pm on the weekends
  • Items are depreciated, so when they calculate the amount payable they apply depreciation to it due to age, wear and tear. The depreciation is also determined by 1Cover.
  • Read some bad reviews about claims taking ages to process
  • For USA travel they cover insufficient and uncompetitive particularly for people who need car rental

Travel Insurance Types

Single – Fully comprehensive travel policy covering one nonstop trip either overseas or within New Zealand.
Multi-Trip – This Annual travel insurance policy allows you to make as many trips as you like within a 12 month period, for up to 90 days at a time.
Backpacker – Backpacker insurance is cheaper to buy than the single trip policy but still covers the essential travel risks, with lower levels of cover for your baggage.

Medical Only
– Medical travel insurance covers you for medical emergencies in the event of a problem. If you’ve a tight budget and not worried about belongings and the trip, this policy could be for you.
Ski Insurance – Covers a ski or boarding trip either overseas or within Australia. Essential cover for a range of winter sports activities, 1Cover’s ski cover includes all important emergency rescue from the mountain unlike many other policies.

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Policy Benefits

Listed below are some of the main features and benefits I picked up from the 1Cover Travel Insurance website:

  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • 24-hour emergency assistance / 7 days a week
  • 1Cover has some of the lowest rates in the market
  • Policies are available for all types of travel, for all ages and people with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Unlimited Cancellation fees and lost Deposits
  • Unlimited Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Unlimited Overseas Emergency Medical and Hospital Expenses
  • Cover for additional accommodation and travel expenses caused by your health problems or someone else’s
  • An allowance of $50 per day if you are hospitalised whilst overseas for more than 48 continuous hours.
  • A weekly Loss of Income Benefit is payable if, due to an injury sustained during your trip, you are unable to work after your return to New Zealand for more than 30 days
  • Cover to replace costs of travel documents lost or stolen from you during your trip e.g. passports, travel documents etc


24-hour Emergency Assistance
From Worldwide call: (+) 800 7997 9000
Within Australia call: 1800 008 956

Sales Department: (+) 61 2 9235 0222
Claims enquiries: call free on 0800 630 115 or email travelclaims@mondial-assistance.com.au

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Things you should know

Always read the policy document – both when considering 1Cover’s travel insurance quotes and when comparing prices with other insurance companies. Do not make the purchase until you understand what the policy includes and doesn’t include. Remember that if you get a quote online then you can save the quote and come back later to purchase the policy.

Once you have taken travel insurance with 1Cover they will issue you with a certificate of travel insurance. This is automatically emailed to you. If you have not received the policy within in an hour of purchasing, check that it has not gone directly to you junk mail. If you still have not received the policy, then you need to call 1Cover on 0800 000 333.

There have been reports of a rise in problems relating to rejected travel insurance claims, however reports in the majority of cases the argument has come about due to travellers not understanding aspects such as which adventure sports were not covered or understanding the ‘unattended’ luggage/possessions clause. (There have been a number cases where travellers have left their luggage unattended at airports or beaches and wondering why items were stolen.)

How to make a claim

To make a claim on your travel insurance policy, you can download a claim form from 1Covers website and send it to their claims address. You must post this form together with supporting documentation within 30 days of your return.

Click here to download a claims form.

When you submit your claim, you must provide certain documents so your claim can be assessed and settled effectively. For medical claims you will usually need original medical documentation and receipts. For loss of personal belongings you will usually need a police report and proof of ownership for the items.
Once the relevant documents are received, the claim is processed within 10 working days.


Worth paying a little extra for a better provider. We had the misfortune of making a claim for luggage and the applied the clause: “When calculating the amount payable we will apply depreciation due to age, wear and tear. The amount of such depreciation will be determined by us.” They determined the amount all right 85%!! Giving us 15% of the value of our items lost. Honestly suggest using another company. No peace of mind with this company,

They said that my claim would be processed within 10 working days, after two months I called to find out what was the progress, turned out they never processed the claim, so I asked if they could process it, waited another month still didn’t hear anything from them hence I called again to be told the claim was rejected with no explanation as to why it had taken so long for the claim to be review and processed. So i submitted an internal dispute request and asked then to identify and give reason as to why my claim had taken three months to be looked at, they told me that it would take fifteen working days before I was contacted. Another month later finally had a response stating we will not pay your claim, and on top of that the request as to why it had taken them three to four months to look at my claim wasn’t even dignified with an answer.

I had a good experience with 1cover but I did not have to claim. I called customer services to ask their advice on what cover I would need as I was pregnant, the woman didn’t know off the top of her head but put me on hold and went to ask a supervisor. I didn’t mind because at least she came back with all the information that I needed. The web site is very easy to use to get a quote and then go on to buying the travel insurance.

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5 thoughts on “1Cover Travel Insurance Review”

  1. Hi, this is really interesting. I didn’t realise that 1Cover actually originated in Australia. I’d come across them in Singapore, which is the where my own company operates from. As a matter of interest, do 1Cover Australia cover New Zealand nationals?

  2. Do not choose this company. The customer service is terrible, and they will do anything to not pay what is owed. I had taken out insurance with them several times before and never claimed.

    I paid for a year of comprehensive insurance – which was not cheap. In June my passport was stolen in Vietnam by a bag snatcher. My drivers licence had expired while I was travelling, so I was required to return to Australia in order to get a new passport.

    I am incredibly disappointed in 1 Cover. Not only did they refuse to pay for my flights back to Australia (a necessary expense in order to even get a new passport), they also cancelled my insurance when I returned home – despite the fact I had paid for a full year, and despite the fact I had no choice but to return home, and despite the fact I always had every intention on continuing my travels when my new passport was issued.

    Dealing with the company has been a constant headache. A claims consultant called me to inform me that most of my claim had been denied. I asked for more details and was promised that I would receive a call the next day. After waiting for almost a week, I received an email with the details, and a number to call. The number was disconnected. I had booked my flights to continue my trip, and had to leave the country uninsured due to 1Cover’s incompetence. I emailed them a complaint almost a week ago and still haven’t heard back from them.

    1Cover has failed to reimburse me the money I was owed, they have cancelled my insurance half way through the year (with no refund), and they have been unresponsive and difficult to contact. They have made a horrible situation so much worse, and I am now overseas and uninsured because of their terrible customer service.

    My travel companion made a claim with Travel Insurance Direct and found the claims process easy and got reimbursed more than she had expected. Next time I will be going with them.

  3. Do not use this company (1Cover)!!
    This was the first time I’ve ever tried to claim on insurance as I had my bag stolen from my feet in NYC and no surprise they found a way to get out of paying out. Apparently my bag was “unsupervised” as I wasn’t watching it for 30 seconds while I paid the bill. Had to buy a new phone, jacket etc. all out of my own pocket.
    I’ve heard it wasn’t worth getting travel insurance as they’ll always try get out of paying but unfortunately didn’t believe it till it happened to me. I’m $2500 out of pocket + the cost of travel insurance (on every holiday I’ve been on).
    Don’t waste your money as you won’t ever have a claim accepted.

  4. 1 cover & their acessors are in my experience,a very bad choice for travel insurance price may be competitive. BUT the service you get .you have paid for ..if things go wrong
    There is an absolute contradiction between the sales process..” No matter what etc you are covered ..No worries ! ” and at the time a claim is made .my experience is what ever it takes we will do our very best to avoid paying out.
    Delays in claim processing..lilely to happen..with ,in my experience lots of reasons/ excuses why the delay..again in my experience so very very disorganised .
    If the claim is declined.,you can go for a team leader review ..,expect delays yet again and boy do they drill down to find a reason not to pay.
    A very disapointing experience….you read of others that have had simular bad experiences it really needs the CC / FAIR GO / Sunday Papers to step and gather the likely many bad experiences and consider the sugestion that the main in the street is not getting a fair go ..a good example of fair weather insurer .thats my Experience .

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