World Nomads Travel Insurance Review

We conducted reviews of six travel insurance companies and our findings revealed that World Nomads was the cheapest. If you purchase travel insurance for a single person travelling for 32 days, worldwide it will cost you $169. An excess of $100 is applicable for each claim event which means you must pay the first NZ $100 of every claim or loss.

I have read a number of reviews posted by people who have actually had to make a claim and from what I’ve read it seems World Nomads has, for most people, been extremely helpful.

World Nomads Travel Insurance is based in Australia, they also have offices in the UK and the US. The travel insurance is available to residents of over 150 countries including New Zealand.

This policy is underwritten by Allianz New Zealand Limited which has an A Insurer Financial Strength Rating given by Standard & Poors (Australia) Pty Ltd on 8th November 2003. The rating scale is:
AAA  Extremely Strong   BB  Marginal
AA Very Strong               B  Weak
A Strong                         CCC  Very Weak
BBB  Good                       CC Extremely Weak
R  Regulatory Action

The ratings from ‘A’ to ‘B’ may be modified by the addition of a plus or minus sign to show relative standing within the major categories.

Good Points

  • 24/7 assistance anywhere in the world
  • You can purchase a policy online even if you have left New Zealand already.
  • Travel insurance cover for all travel destinations worldwide
  • Easy Online Claims and Fast Processing
  • Website very easy to use
  • Cheap Travel Insurance
  • Single travel insurance policy – You can buy one travel insurance policy and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are travelling to.
  • Cover for most adventure sports including skiing, diving and bungee jumping
  • Everything online from making a claim to changing your details
  • Unlike other travel insurance companies, If you change your travel plans you can extend your policy indefinitely online 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • You get free SMS travel security alerts and language guides
  • You get a free online travel blog

Bad points

  • No cover for travel delays and missed connection that are provided by other travel insurance companies.
  • No Cover for loss of money
  • Mental Health not covered.
  • No cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel Insurance Types

Single Policy (Individual)

Family Policy
– This includes you and your travel partner and your dependent children/grandchildren under 21 named in the Certificate of Insurance travelling with you.


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Policy Benefits

  • 5,000,000 Medical Expenses
  • Adventure sport cover
  • $500 Emergency Dental Treatment
  • Medical evacuation and additional expenses
  • Cover for lost or stolen passports, travel documents and credit cards.
  • Loss of deposits and cancellation costs
  • Liability Protection
  • Funeral expenses
  • Cover for loss, theft or damage to Personal baggage


Please login to your World Nomads member’s page to get hold of the contact details for the claims department and Emergency Assistance. Also remember that you can make a claim online, even if you are still travelling.

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What you need to know

If you return home early remember you will not be entitled to a refund. For example if you take out a 12 month policy and return home after 4 months, the policy ends and you don’t get a refund. Not only this but you will have to purchase a new policy even if returning overseas within the 12 month period the policy was purchased for. It is advised that you take out the minimum policy and extend it if you need to. This can be done online as many times as you like.

How do I make a claim?

You can make a claim online even if you are still travelling. No other insurance company in the world allows you to do this. Alternatively you can login to your World Nomads member’s page to get hold of the contact details for the claims department that will handle your claim.

It is recommended that you make a copy of all receipts for proof of purchases. It’s also strongly advised that you tell World Nomads as soon as possible in the event of making a claim.


Whilst overseas my wife had some complications with her pregnancy. World Nomads provided cover for all expenses relating to the treatment including prescriptions and other medical charges. They were very helpful and supportive and processed the claim within days after receiving all the documentation.

I planned to be away from New Zealand for 12 months, so I had taken out a 12 month travel insurance policy. After four months I injured my arm and required treatment at a hospital. After 5 months I had to travel back home to help a family member who was suffering from severe depression. I found out that mental health was not covered under my policy whether it’s for yourself or someone else. After coming back to New Zealand I had to seek medical attention as my arm was getting bad again. I called World Nomads and I was told that if you return home for any reason that is not covered under the policy then the policy ends. I was not even allowed to claim for the treatment I had back home as it is illegal. I then asked that what if I go back overseas and require treatment for the arm then, I was told that i would need totake out a new policy and would have to mention the knee injury as a prior condition. I was totally shocked. I couldn’t even get a refund as I returned home early.

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6 thoughts on “World Nomads Travel Insurance Review”

  1. Anyone been with World Nomads before? I have 3 months left travelling in New Zealand, Oz and SE Asia and am looking for a basic travel insurance.


  2. Ive claimed twice with world nomads, totalling over $5000CAD.

    one knee injury and one emergency dental.

    Both times the support has been fantastic. payment has been prompt – less than 10 days from submitting the claim via email.

    Get a 7% discount on the policy if you use the Promotional Code GOPACK

  3. I had two claims with these guys: 1) Mexicana went bankrupt. I had brought $500 of flights. Small print excluded company bankruptcies. No payout. 2) I had a bag stolen. contents: $600 3 year old camera. $150 cash. credit cards, licence. $800 value total. World nomads paid out $250 for the camera and $40 for the drivers license. minus $100 excess = $190 payout. Summary: over $1300 of losses. I was paid out $190. I paid over $300 for the insurance. Why bother??? These guys make it really easy to buy the insurance, but have all sorts of small print to make sure that they still make money off you, even when you make a claim.

  4. My son purchased Travel Insurance via the World Nomads website prior to skiing in Canada. The website stated that skiing in Terrain Parks was covered under the policy. My son missed the approach to one of the jumps in a Terrain Park and crashed badly. He sustained brain damage and was hospitalised for 4 weeks in Intensive Care before repatriation to the UK.

    The insurance underwriters, Millstream Underwriting Ltd (MUL), declined cover on the basis that my son had been “Ski Jumping”, refering to an exclusion clause in the Winter Sports section that stated “We do not cover any competition, free-style skiing, ski jumping, ice hockey, use of bobsleighs or skeltons, repetitive travel in ski run helicopters”. We contested their decision.

    Shortly after receiving our complaint the words “Terrain Park” were removed from the World Nomads website. I checked the web archive and the wording had been unchanged for at least the past 14 months. MUL claimed the timing was coincidental.

    Over several exchanges of letters in the following months, MUL claimed that my son was performing a “freestyle aerial jump” and that he was participating in “extreme skiing”.

    I took our case to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Three years after my son’s accident the Ombudsman upheld our claim making the following comment in his final decision: “I am concerned that MUL has put forward a number of different reasons for its decision to reject the claim and that it has disagreed with the adjudicators, making the complaint process unnecessarily prolonged.”

  5. Do not buy this insurance. It is NOT a good product! They do not cover theft of electronic equipment from a motor vehicle. (Section 21.3 b) and does not provide cover of cash. They are also absent in case of medical issues! there are plenty of better product on internet so please stay away from buying the insurance from this company.
    From and EX-customer
    Nino Atria

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